Kanneliya Forest Resort

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The Hotel

The hotel situated in 7 km far away from Udugama town in Galle district. The before enter to the Kanneliya forest, the hotel found in right side. Hotel has four kabanas with all other facilities. Kanneliya forest is 500m far away from hotel and itís a walking distance.

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Kanneliyan Forest

The kanneliya forest is located in the southwestern part of Sri Lanka about 35 km northeast of Galle. The total extend of the forest is 5,306 ha. Kanneliya is a very important place for biological diversity of Sri Lanka. Kanneliya is also a tropical low and mid country wet zoning forest like Sinharaja forest. Kanneliya, Dadiyagala and Nakiyadheniya is called KDN complex which is very important because Sri Lanka is included to world's TOP 25 hotspots on the sake of such forests of low and mid country wet zone.


you can get natural forest photos even in our place